SWOT analysis in Physical Education lessons: a new teaching approach by ENTOS.

SWOT analysis in Physical Education lessons: a new teaching approach by ENTOS.

Have you ever thought that SWOT analysis could be used during Physical Education lessons? ENTOS project is developing training modules and are going to reveal new and innovative approach on entrepreneurship and sports education.

According to the focus groups carried out in project countries (Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Greece, and Lithuania), students and physical education teachers have identified the core competencies to develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Among all, "Self-awareness and Self-efficacy" was recognized as one of the most important.
The World Health Organisation recognizes Self-Awareness as one of the ten life skills that promote well-being; a vital skill for everyone, no matter the age or social status.

Self-Awareness is the habit of paying attention to the way you think, feel, and behave.
More specifically, Self-Awareness is about observing some patterns here below described and asking ourselves some questions:

  • Patterns of thought. How do you tend to think about and explain what happens to you? What’s your self-talk like? What expectations do you hold in certain settings or with certain people? What are your core beliefs influence your thinking?
  • Patterns of emotion. How well do you understand your own moods and emotions? Do you observe and try to understand your emotions or do you react to them impulsively? Do you view difficult emotions as enemies to be avoided or gotten rid of or messengers trying to tell you something?
  • Patterns of behavior. Do you understand why you tend to act in the same way in certain situations? Do you have a sense of what types of events are triggering for you? Do you understand what motivates your behaviors or leads to self-sabotage? Put another way, self-awareness means learning to be curious about your own mind.

Each of us could evaluate our self–awareness and self–efficacy using SWOT analysis but focus it on our own skills.

According to this perspective, the first step of knowledge is to know our “characteristics” in terms of Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities (Personal SWOT Analysis). That allows any person to be capable to start working on Weaknesses for converting them into Strengths; to discover what are Opportunities and how to face the Threats. Having that clear, people can start working on their Self-efficacy.

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