Remote learning cannot stop work on projects

The recent times of remote learning were extremely difficult for schools. It made teachers and students really busy and it showed their measure of flexibility and adaptation to new conditions. However, on the other hand,  it revealed how useful innovative projects can be. Obchodná akadémia in Nitra, Slovakia, a secondary vocational school and a coordinator of the ENTOS strategic partnership, has experienced this. At the moment the partnersip is working on intellectual outputs for innovative methodology developing entrepreneurial skills  via sports and games.

Even though physical education lessons suffered remote learning the most, teachers and students participating in the project could implement some project activities into their lessons easily. Teachers prepared discussions and questionnaires for students, they talked about their awareness of needs to have and develop entrepreneurial skills. Surprisingly, students realize that sports and games can be a good tool to boost their skills and they would welcome such activities in their P.E. lessons. Providing teachers with valuable information, the partnership was able to create a competence framework for the new methodology. At the moment an experienced team of Economics and P.E. teachers are working on a training kit containing interesting activities focused on developing creativity in secondary school students. As long as the other project partners are working on activities developing other entrepreneurial skills, the training kit will be ready to be tested during the next school year. And in case schools  will be on remote learning again, participating schools will be able to bring some nice activities in P.E. lessons again. Moreover, they will inhance healthy style knowledge and digital skills as well.