Creativity all around.

Creativity all around.

Have you ever thought about what we need creativity for? This is usually not a thing people deal with. However, creativity plays a very important role in our lives. Every day we face situations that require a certain dose of creativity to be used.

We have to be creative to find possible solutions for our problems. We have to be creative to decide on a menu for our families. Do you make a decision about what clothes to put on every morning? Creativity is what brings your solution. Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? So you need to be very creative then.

Even though we realize its importance, creativity is not something we are born with. The good news is that humans can work on their creativity all life long. We can simply train it and it does not matter how old we are. And so we can train other life and entrepreneurial competencies as well.

Do you want to know how creative you are? Take a simple test here.

Did you get a low score? Don´t be sad and have no worries. Creativity is only one of entrepreneurial competencies. ENTOS project is preparing a new methodology focused on developing a frame of 5 important Entrepreneurial Competencies through sports activities. So if you want to work on yourself and learn through experience, be able to cope with uncertainty, ambiguity, and risk, or if you want to develop your creativity, learn how to take the initiative and raise your self-awareness and self-efficacy, stay with us. The ENTOS training package is coming soon.