Why is entrepreneurial education so important?

Why is entrepreneurial education so important?

Living in the 21st centiry brings a lot of challenges. Keeping up with all the skills and competences required by current dynamic society to stay wanted and successful in the labour market is just one of them.

Schools have to cooperate with entrepreneurs to follow their know- hows so that their education remains in balance with actual labour market requirements. It is very likely that our teenagers will have to do jobs which are not known at this moment and they have to be ready for that. Young generation have to be well prepared to handle changes coming with running industrial development. Being able to work with information technologies is undoubtedly a priority but nowadyas the skills that can differentiate humans from robots are becoming more and more important. Activities that require empathy, creativity or cooperation cannot be replaced by modern technologies. That is the reason why modern educational approaches should focus on developing entrepreneurial skills and competences.

Entrepreneurial skills and competences are necessary regardless jobs or positions that the future will bring. To be able to face any obstacles, young people must be able to use critical and logical thinking, they must be able to solve problems, be creative. Moreover, they should be able to consider possible risks and cope with them.

Unfortunately, recent studies reveal the fact that not all the school leaders and teachers are aware of such needs. Lack of information can be one of possible reasons of this unfavorable  situation as well as the fact that entrepreneurial skills and competences are often undestood and perceived as setting up a new firm in hand with launching a new business.

Fortunately, there have been some methodologies and materials giving a helping hand to teachers who are trying to implement entrepreneurial education in their activities. On the other hand, any new approaches are expected and more than  welcome.